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Farewell, To You My Friend!



            Over the past semester I have had many ups and downs in CHHS 111. It has not been the easiest class, matter fact it has been one of my hardest classes I have ever taken. Beginning the semester I didn’t really know what I had got myself into. It was pretty steady at first, and then BOOM, I was hit with my first essay. I thought “ok reflection essay not that bad, I got this”, until I received my paper back with a shinning C on it. I was devastated, my first college essay I got a C. I really didn’t know what to expect, it wasn’t like I loved writing in high school, but I just knew that it would be different here. I fooled myself. From then on I knew that this class would be a very tough class to overcome. As the weeks went on my grades fluctuated on papers, high C here, low C there. I was ready to give up. I thought there was no hope for me beating this class. Now here I am sixteen weeks from then, and I feel like I have mastered what my teacher wants. My last couple of essays will be tough but I’m sure I can mange. This class has definitely taught me the definition of perseverance. I wanted to give up quite a few times throughout the semester but I wouldn’t let this class get the satisfaction. As I turn in my last couple of assignments my fate is in my teachers hands.



Are Children Affected by Gay Parents?



There are many studies done on whether two parents are greater than one or a single parent mom better than a single parent dad? All these questions arise, but one question I have is are children affected by having gay parents? An increasing number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents have conceived children and raised them from birth. LGBT parent’s can have children through adoption, alternative insemination, surrogate, or foster parenting. People are afraid that children growing up with LGBT parents will suffer from emotional troubles and social stressors. Research shows that there is no difference from a child raised in a heterosexual household versus an LGBT household. What matters most is the relationship between the child and the parents. I think that having LGBT parents would make a child more aware of social injustices and make the parent’s way more open with the child. Many people think that growing up in a LGBT household you are more likely to become gay, but these accusations are false. Raising children in a LGBT household can be detrimental to their self-esteem. The parent will have to prepare them for a lot of ridicule from outsiders who don’t exactly understand their lifestyle. The parents will have to prepare their child by having open communication with them, having a support network, and living in a community that is more accepting. I think in the long run LGBT parents will become more acceptable, because they help with adopting children, and creating a non-judgmental society.

The Scary Thought of Healthcare



The health care system has posed various issues in our country. The price of healthcare has been on the rise since 1970. Why is it that we spend so much money on healthcare but we are off the charts for the healthiest countries? In 2010 almost 50 million Americans did not have health care. Majority of Americans receive healthcare through their work but the increase in cost has made some companies have to stop providing healthcare.  Many uninsured Americans are one diagnosis away from going bankrupt. The shortage of primary care physicians is decreasing at a very fast rate. This means that people will be paying more in the long run because they will wait until their disorder is unbearable. The beginning of 2014 health insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage or charge higher premiums to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions according to senator of California. Also parents will be able to keep their child on their medical insurance until the age of 26. I think the government is doing a great job trying to make healthcare affordable. It would be amazing if our government could decide for universal healthcare, but I think at this point in time that is pushing it. Healthcare has become one of the most controversial topics, stemming from Obama care to the Affordable Health care act. Obama care offers a number of new benefits. It allows people to make mistakes and not be dropped from their healthcare provider. The new changes will hopefully make for a better American healthcare system.

The Power of Context


Rome subway... Eeeh, I like!

Are people truly the product of their environment? In the passage, The Power of Context by Malcolm Gladwell, he argues that our behavior is influenced by the context of our environment. Gladwell supports his claim by relating it to real life examples and conducting experiments. Gladwell starts out the chapter with a story about a guy named Bernie Goetz. Bernie Goetz is a New York man known for shooting four young black men, when they supposedly tried to rob him on a subway. There was a lot of controversy over this situation because people were unsure of whom to blame. This case can be approached many different ways. Some think that Goetz entered the subway with the intent to kill. Others deemed him as a hero for shooting the four black boys who were seen as threats. In the reading Gladwell questions the environment. The subway was filled with graffiti and dimly lighted. This brings up the question; did the surroundings have anything to do with the attitude of Goetz? The Power of Context infers that individuals are more sensitive to environments than others.

Gladwell discusses a theory that questions if the surrounding you are in changes the way you act? The Broken Windows theory argues that crime is a direct result of disarray. The Power of Context suggests that a criminal is someone who is directly affected by his or her environment, which prompts him or her to commit crimes.

Agreeing with this theory means that you feel that the environment that you grew up in directly correlates with how you act. I think that this is true to an extent because I think how you act has a lot to do with your family dynamics. If you were abused as a child you tend to be more of an angry person. Whereas if you grew up in a very bad neighborhood but had an awesome family your outlook on life would be completely different. The Power of Context is one of those things where it is left up to your interpretation. The examples and stories that Gladwell uses can be spun many different ways.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree the New High School Diploma?



“In essence, a master’s degree has become the new bachelor’s degree. Graduates now have to take their education to a whole new level in order to stand out from the crowd. While this may require more work and money, it most certainly isn’t worthless.” (Tierney).

According to the Breeze, if I want to make a lot of money in the future I need to start saving up now for graduate school. Nowadays, bachelor’s degrees are very common, so to obtain the ideal job that we want we will need to attend graduate school. To stand out from the crowd we are required to take our education to another level. It definitely does not make me excited to be in school for two extra years, but I know for the career that I want with the money that I want I will need to have my master’s. The master’s program is considered to be the most sensible and practical continuation of school. It is considered to be bridge into the real world. The master’s program prepare you for full time work at the level that is necessary to make the money we want. Master’s degrees create experienced professionals. When the economy dropped a lot of college students were unable to find work. This could probably be because they needed to go the extra step and go to graduate school. Career positions like doctors and lawyers go to school for long periods of time, so why doesn’t everyone to gain the professional skills that they need.

Are 2 Parents better than 1?



Are 2 parent households better than 1?

Growing up in a one-parent household I never once questioned what it would be like to have the privilege of living with one extra parent. For educational purposes it is said that children with two parents tend to succeed better in life. Some scientists feel that biological parents are more likely to invest more into their children’s education. They feel as though single parents may have to choose between investing in new relationships and in their children. Also, two-parent household usually have two incomes which means that they have extra money to invest in their child’s future. Whereas single parent households there is usually one income, which increase stress and the ability to provide for all of the child’s needs. Although these assumptions may be true studies have shown that female-headed households usually have a tendency to make decisions in favor of the child’s education because mothers value education more than fathers. Families can influence children in very diverse ways. The relationship you have with your child matters greatly. If the child is living in a two-parent home but the parents argue frequently it may be best for that child to be with one parent. I think to answer this question “Are two parent households better than one?” you would have to measure that on a case by case study. Each child has a unique family structure, so I think it is very unrealistic to say that one is better than the other. My sibling and I have grown up with a single parent for most of our lives and we seem to be doing pretty good.

Shitty First Drafts



Have you ever wondered why you cannot sit down at one sitting and write a full essay? I have wondered this for years. I always thought that it was because I couldn’t focus or I just wasn’t a good writer. According to Anne Lamott’s passage from her book Bird by Bird, it is necessary for every good writer to write a shitty first draft. This passage was based on the idea that your shitty first draft leads to brilliant second and third drafts. Society has this weird vision of how things should be done. For example, if you focus hard enough you can write something great your first time. This is a false reality of what actually takes place when a famous writer sits down to write what will be an award-winning essay or book. If you really think about this concept in other situations, they say in sports practice makes perfect, so why would it be different in writing. No play writer sits down and writes a complete play. By reading this I understand that I need to sit down and write a couple shitty first drafts until I get my golden one. Lamott’s explains that the shitty first draft allows you to pour everything out that you want to say about your topic. From there you have an idea and you can critic and fix the errors you have made. For college students this is clearly the remedy to all of our struggles, accepting our shitty first drafts.

Overmedicating America



“In the U.S. today, doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs that their patients don’t really need and often can’t afford” (Wallace).

In today’s society it is very easy for a patient to be prescribed unnecessary medicine. Physicians worry that overmedicating America will lead to bacteria building up immunities against drugs, which will ruin the effectiveness of antibiotics in the future. Because antibiotics are normally inexpensive physicians favor them. In 2001, the Federal Drug Administration allowed drug companies to advertise their product on TV. This allowed people to diagnose themselves and essentially become a hypochondriac because they can relate to those commercials on TV. Two years ago UCLA published a study that found that drug advertisements influence people to believe that society is sicker than what we really are. As a result we take medicine that we don’t need, harming our body in the long run and sometimes in the short term. Conditions today that we believe are cured by medicine were manageable without medicine back in the day.

In class, my classmate presented her view on overmedicating. She explained how overmedicating is crippling our society, and that as a society we are weaker than what we once were.  Her personal experience is what interests me the most. She told us that she was injured not to long ago, and instead of her doctor fixing her issue he prescribed her pain medication to mask the pain she was having. Because her physician was so willing to provide her with medicine she became addicted. Anytime she needed pain medicine for her “injury”, her doctor was ready and willing to write the next prescription. I think that this is very sad because in a way her addiction to pain medication was forced onto her. Overmedicating is gaining more and more momentum in today’s society, so when do we make the change?


Donate a Life!


Today, more than 120,000 men, women, and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States.


Organ donation takes healthy organs and tissues from one person and transplants them into another person. As an organ donor you can donate internal organs (kidney’s, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines and lungs), skin, bone and bone marrow, and cornea. By becoming a donor you can save up to 8 lives. If you are over the age of 18 you can sign up to get a donor card which certifies you as an organ donor. During a donor transplant doctors may leave the patient on life support to insure that the organs are healthy to give to the next person. The only negative thing about organ donation is that the patient is unable to pick who the organ goes to. This tends to be a problem when people are organ donors that have very religious backgrounds. These patients have to trust and believe that they are donating out of the kindness of their heart and not to spread their religious views. Living donations are another possibility that is available. Living people can donate a kidney, portions of the liver, lung, pancreas, and intestines. For the transplant recipient this is a second chance at life. This means no more being dependent on other people and leading a healthy lifestyle. Eighteen people will die each day waiting for a donation; you can be the change if you sign up today.

The Disturbing Use of Sweatshops



No one would want to work 60-80 hours a week getting paid $2 an hour in harsh conditions. It is never okay for big corporations like Nike, Gap, and Wal-Mart to take advantage of people with limited resources. Sweatshops are a growing problem in clothing and textile corporations. Many people may not agree with supporting sweatshop labor by wearing their clothes, but it is very hard to know what clothing brands to avoid. Being one of the most prosperous countries, there is no need for corporations to try and save a little bit of money trying to cheapen the prices for consumers.

A sweatshop is defined by the U.S. Department of Labor as a factory that violates 2 or more labor laws. Although you may think that this is the solution to sweatshops there are ways around this. You may also think that sweatshops are just abroad, which is false because there are some sweatshops that are assembled in the United States. In developing countries there is estimate of 250 million children forced to work. In 2000, more that 11,000 sweatshops in the U.S. violated the minimum wage and overtime laws, while over 16,000 had broken the health and safety laws. Recent studies have shown that if the salary of the sweatshop workers was doubled the consumer cost would only increase by 1.8%. The strategy to decreasing the use of sweatshops are for the government to create a law binding agreement that punishes companies for using sweatshops to produce cheaper clothes. Big corporations should be held accountable for their influence in the sweatshop market. Sweatshops are another form of slavery and it should be abolished.