Is a Bachelor’s Degree the New High School Diploma?



“In essence, a master’s degree has become the new bachelor’s degree. Graduates now have to take their education to a whole new level in order to stand out from the crowd. While this may require more work and money, it most certainly isn’t worthless.” (Tierney).

According to the Breeze, if I want to make a lot of money in the future I need to start saving up now for graduate school. Nowadays, bachelor’s degrees are very common, so to obtain the ideal job that we want we will need to attend graduate school. To stand out from the crowd we are required to take our education to another level. It definitely does not make me excited to be in school for two extra years, but I know for the career that I want with the money that I want I will need to have my master’s. The master’s program is considered to be the most sensible and practical continuation of school. It is considered to be bridge into the real world. The master’s program prepare you for full time work at the level that is necessary to make the money we want. Master’s degrees create experienced professionals. When the economy dropped a lot of college students were unable to find work. This could probably be because they needed to go the extra step and go to graduate school. Career positions like doctors and lawyers go to school for long periods of time, so why doesn’t everyone to gain the professional skills that they need.


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