Are Children Affected by Gay Parents?



There are many studies done on whether two parents are greater than one or a single parent mom better than a single parent dad? All these questions arise, but one question I have is are children affected by having gay parents? An increasing number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents have conceived children and raised them from birth. LGBT parent’s can have children through adoption, alternative insemination, surrogate, or foster parenting. People are afraid that children growing up with LGBT parents will suffer from emotional troubles and social stressors. Research shows that there is no difference from a child raised in a heterosexual household versus an LGBT household. What matters most is the relationship between the child and the parents. I think that having LGBT parents would make a child more aware of social injustices and make the parent’s way more open with the child. Many people think that growing up in a LGBT household you are more likely to become gay, but these accusations are false. Raising children in a LGBT household can be detrimental to their self-esteem. The parent will have to prepare them for a lot of ridicule from outsiders who don’t exactly understand their lifestyle. The parents will have to prepare their child by having open communication with them, having a support network, and living in a community that is more accepting. I think in the long run LGBT parents will become more acceptable, because they help with adopting children, and creating a non-judgmental society.


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