Farewell, To You My Friend!



            Over the past semester I have had many ups and downs in CHHS 111. It has not been the easiest class, matter fact it has been one of my hardest classes I have ever taken. Beginning the semester I didn’t really know what I had got myself into. It was pretty steady at first, and then BOOM, I was hit with my first essay. I thought “ok reflection essay not that bad, I got this”, until I received my paper back with a shinning C on it. I was devastated, my first college essay I got a C. I really didn’t know what to expect, it wasn’t like I loved writing in high school, but I just knew that it would be different here. I fooled myself. From then on I knew that this class would be a very tough class to overcome. As the weeks went on my grades fluctuated on papers, high C here, low C there. I was ready to give up. I thought there was no hope for me beating this class. Now here I am sixteen weeks from then, and I feel like I have mastered what my teacher wants. My last couple of essays will be tough but I’m sure I can mange. This class has definitely taught me the definition of perseverance. I wanted to give up quite a few times throughout the semester but I wouldn’t let this class get the satisfaction. As I turn in my last couple of assignments my fate is in my teachers hands.



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